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These Christian and Bible based articles are the views and ideas I hold to be true and self evident. As Christians we learn from each other, and it is my sincere hope that in the Love of Jesus light we can share together, learn from each other and strengthen our Faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. I hope you enjoy my website, and hope you come back to it often. Oh, and while you are here, there must be someone you know that you can share this with, just click on the envelope on your browser bar, and send a link to this site to a friend.

  • Creation Articles
    This is just a collection of articles I've written on creation and evolution. I don't believe there is any real evidence of evolution, despite all the efforts of those to say mutation is proof of evolution, it simply isn't. Mutations are still the same specie. There are also too many intricacies in life that simply defy the evolutionary process. My goal is not to tell you what to think, but to get you to really think and consider the problems with evolution and to turn back to Gods word as the only authority on the origin of all things.

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