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There is a lot of deception in our world,  young impressionable minds are being taught evolution as scientific fact, but they don't ask or answer the questions, nor can they show real evolution in progress.  Many churches, and in fact popular teaching today is that we will be raptured before the tribulation, not only does our Bible not plainly say this, it plainly does say we will be taken up at the last trump, which is at the end of the tribulation.

Goals and intent

There is a method to my madness, depending on where you stand in your spiritual and Christian walk, you may want to start at the beginning, or you may want to skip to specific targeted areas for answers or additional views to either support or debate your own views.  If you have a website, and wish to quote something from one of my pages for either your rebuttal or because you like it and think it would have some value to your site, you may quote me, all I ask is you give credit to Dano's place with a link to the source.


First off is to set the foundation of the Bible and Gods word.  The Bible does not begin with the book of Revelation for a reason, the foundation must be laid first.  The foundation of my faith in God is in knowing and understanding that when we change Gods word and add to it eons of time, or change the length of days, or manipulate genetics in order to create, we have in essence reduced God to little more than a man. The purpose of starting here is to restore the evidence of Gods omnipotence, even if it is beyond our own feeble understanding.

In the Genesis chapter 3 study, I examine the fall of man which shows that the original sin, (and all sin therafter), begins by Satan raising questions in our minds of Gods word.  Once you question Gods word and what He meant, you have open the door to destruction.  There can be a fine line between interpretation and questioning Gods word in some area's, but when push comes to shove, listen to what God is saying directly.

Creation vs Evolution

Man can take material and make new things, man can now to a limited degree alter genetics and even clone, but it isn't inconceivable that we will master the genetic building blocks with some time and research. God is NOT a man, and He does NOT conform to our standards.  Evolutionists declare that mutation is proof of evolution, but it is not for one very specific reason. 

Many churches and ministers are buying into or accepting an extended length of time for the days of creation.  They still hold to God creating the universe, but then add 4.5 billion years to allow His creation to develop the earth and sun, etc. Oh please, stop and think about the preposterousness of this thought.  God had the power to create from nothing enough mass to materialize the entire universe, but he had to wait 4.5 billion years?  If God can create the matter, He would create it where He wants it to be.  If God can create life, then He has no need to manipulate genetics, He simply creates the life forms He wants.  Please don't reduce God to our understanding, let science be ignorant of God if it must, but believe God above all others.  Satan will use clever deceptions to lead us away from Gods word, and away from the power and authority God holds in His hands, and if you purchased the theory of evolution and extended days, then the price you paid for it may end up being your soul.  One deception is a toe hold for Satan.

The Rapture

I personally believe that a lot of men have taken a lot of liberty with Gods' word, not much unlike many have with the creation, to make Gods word tell us what we would LIKE as opposed to what it really says.  I could be wrong about the rapture and I hope I am, but if I'm not, I want to enter the Great Tribulation time period prepared, both spiritually and mentally.  The Bible tells us to Gird the loins of our mind and remain sober so that we be not surprised, and if a pretrib rapture does not occur, many Christians are going to be crushed and left dazed and confused.  Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

I have many important things to say on this website to prepare people for the corner we are about to take, so I have not focused on exposing pre tribulation rapture, but rather have simply quoted scripture that denies the pretrib position.  Believe Gods word first before you take an interpretation of what something means.  When Gods word or a prase means something other than what it is, it is revealed to us in the word.  Waters in prophecy means people, and Gods word tells us literally the waters are peoples.  No where, and I challange anyone, in the bible is there a verse that says, "Before the great tribulation" I will rescue my church.  Yet the Bible, Jesus specifically in response to His followers asking when He will return, says "You will be hated by all nations, you will be persecuted unto death", and goes on to tell us that right before the end of the tribulation He will appear.  At a time when no one thinks He will return, and no wonder, people thought He would get there sooner and when He didn't show up, they lost faith.  Please read the parable of the ten virgins, it may contain the most valuable message to the soul in todays time.

Bible Prophecy

Where do we stand?  Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour, but He also said you can know the season and it is our responsibility to delve into His word, and know what is approaching so we will know what it is and not be deceived. There is much prophecy in the Bible, about half of the Old Testament is Prophets, prophecy is scattered throughout those books which were not written by the prophets. Did you know that according to Luke 21:24 the time of the Gentiles is at it's end?

 The Great Deception

It is written that there will be a deception so great that if it were possible, even Gods very elect would be deceived.  How can this be?  What could be so deceiving? I've pondered many questions like this one in my mind for much of my life, and throughout life I've picked up clues here and there that seem to fit a pattern or appear to be a piece of the big picture.  The Antichrist will be the greatest Biblical interpreter of all time with the exception being Jesus Himself, so who can possibly listen and not be fooled, and how could something be so deceiving?  I may be able to brace you for some surprises, and I hope with Love in my heart that I can do so in such a way as to help to prepare at least one soul so that when the time comes, they will know and not be overtaken by surprise.

Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ

My greatest strength has always been in the mental aspect of expressing the very existance of God. Salvation cannot be reached with out the one and only Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, but too many people think the world is just a happen stance.  My best results have been to enticing the minds of friends and acquantances to the possibility of existance beyond the here and now.  I may not be Baptizing believers, but I'm hopefully bringing secular people to a believing faith which leads to their salvation.

I also believe my purpose is to warn others, to rekindle the spark and desire for people to open their Bibles and search the word of God for themselves.  The time is coming and I believe the time is coming sooner than most of us think.  We made it through the year 2000 so people have forgotten the need to prepare, but we are closer now in 2007 than we were in the year 2000.  Part of my great deception article will be based on a World War three which could occur at any time.  Just look at what we are doing in the middle east. Luke said Jerusalem would be trampled under the foot of Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled.  In 1967 the people of Israel regained control of the Holy City, a Biblical generation has been roughly stated to be about 40 years, and June of 2007 would mark the 40 year aniversary of their return. The final days will be a time when knowledge is greatly increased. Clearly we can see the signs of the times as Jesus forewarned us about.

Anyway, I do hope my efforts here are found by someone in need of hearing something I have to share.


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