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Genesis 2

This chapter has been a point of controversy to those who seek to find discrepencies in the Bible, but there is no discrepency, only a lack of understanding on the part of secular man who wishes to justify their lack of belief in the Almighty Creator. In this chapter we clarify God's power of creation through a second witness which is scripturally accurate, in two witnesses you find a truth. We also justify Romans and creation leaves man without excuse for all things created are proof of God's existance.

  • Genesis 2:1-3
    The seventh day, the day of rest. It is declared here Creation has been completed, God can rest from the work of creation, but He must continue to work.

  • Gen 2:4-7
  • Genesis 2:8-14
    God creates The Garden of Eden for Adam.

  • Genesis 2:18-20
    God re-creates each of the animals and presents them to Adam, in an attempt to find a helper for the man.


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