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Dano's Place is a place to study the Bible, Jesus Christ and Biblical Insights in this modern era. From Genesis to Revelation in search of answers for today's high tech world of television and mass communication, internet, and endless forms of entertainment. Christians become trapped in dark corners, or tripped by stumbling blocks that we don't even see due to the barrage of hits we take every day, hour, and minute in this hectic high speed world.

Today Christian Life is weakened unknowingly by things that occur in every day normal life. Things we don't even think of because it is just all too common. In many ways we are deceived by the brain washing of Governments and media, and even though God has told us to obey our governments because he has put them in place, it is also our duty and responsibility to measure the laws of our Government and make decisions based on morality.  After all, the future government will require a mark, (or transponder chip) to be placed IN your hand or IN your forehead, yet the Bible warns us NOT to take this mark.  the Bible has also informed us that our body is the temple of the spirit and we are to take care of it.  It is my feeling that in the past hundred years our government has been influenced more highly by the finances and donations of Lobbyists and big corporations than it has been by Gods word.  I am not a 501c3 organization, nor have I shaken hands with the Devil, therefore I can express my opinions on issues most churches won't talk about.  I am not a revolutionary, but our minds must be girded with the truth expressed in Gods word, the Bible, so that even if we resepct the laws of the governments, as well we should, we should still know the truth and moral issues so that our decisions are not based on prejudice that has been planted by the indoctrination of our media. 

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