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This is my spot for just talking about issues that concern me or that I feel passionate about. Not specific topics and not necessarily backed by or scripture based, just matters of importance or interest in todays world.

  • Good Friday
    Jesus paid a painful price on the day he was captured right up to and through His payment for our sins on the Cross, but I think He suffered an even more painful infliction, one we don't see or hear much about.

  • Earthquakes in Prophecy
    Jesus mentioned earthquakes as a sign of the times. Many end time writers and others have determined this as meaning MORE earthquakes, but this is clearly NOT what Jesus said, however this does not mean there will or won't be more earthquakes.

  • Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Christians have a tough struggle today. How can a Christian go out and enjoy entertainment of the day and still remain Bible Based Christians? America is in need of more Christian Movies.

  • Testimony
    Everyone has skeletons in their closets, everyone has fallen short of Gods perfection, everyone needs jesus Christ in order to obtain salvation, however many people feel they cannot possibly be forgiven. My testimony is a life of sin, of questioning Gods word to the point of weakening God to not much more than man's technology, but the events of my life lead me to a point of utter dispair, through which God was able to work as only God knows how to do.

  • Modern Societies Physiological Downfall?
    A look at modern science and the things we've conjured up, but the dangers may lie in what we don't know.


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