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    Christian website, this website is my ministry site to express the points of view and interpretations of Dan, AKA Dano, Dunkin.

    • Front Page Archive
      Everyday I try to add a little something new to the front page. Sometimes I may draw from the archives, sometimes I may draw an exerpt from an article or Bible study, but each day I will try to present something short, and something different. This page is for archiving those daily excerpts in case you missed a day, or wanted to share something that may have been removed.

      • January 20, 2010
        This has sat on the front page long enough. It doesn't look like the bill Bush signed had enough support to be put into place, or else it is put into place but the time is not yet to enforce it.

      • Dec 25 today in prophecy

      • Dec 25

      • Aug 14, 2006

      • April 13, 2006
        I have seen the Dr. Kent Hovind series which is at the same time, entertaining, educational, and inspirational. Of course evolutionists will not like it. I do feel Dr. hovind has taken liberties to the extremes in some cases such as saying the sun looses so much mass every minute, that 250 million years ago the sun would have been big enough to vaporize the earth. Due to the enormity of space, that could be a debatable subject especially taken scientifically. however, I did find a physics professors website, (I'll try to find it again and post a link), where he calculated the size of the sun

      • March 22, 2006
        Are we any different today than the Jews were 2000 years ago? The leaders lead the people astray with false interpretations of the scriptural message, we should learn from their short comings to insure we do not fall into the same trap.

      • March 18, 2006
        The Time of the Gentiles is Over - The end times are here Luke 21:24

      • March 14, 2006

      • March 10, 2006
        The Matthew portion of this study is uploaded, with more to come. This has been a tough endeavor, and gathering the resources, verses, comments, etc is very time consuming, but I feel this is very important.

      • Mar 9 2006
        Study still in the making. My own personal back problems have intereferred with working on this, however when I cannot sit at the computer and work, I still research and study deeper. Sometimes I lay on my back with the keyboard on my lap and continue my efforts, however that is slower than normal. I have also had to reduce the promotion expenses of this website due to our own finances, not being able to work full time, our finances come from here and there. Promotional fee's for this website come after our important tithes.

      • Mar 8 2006
        The study is under way, it is taking a little longer than I'd hoped, but until then these little tidbits may help in understanding the purpose for doing this study and warning the Christians not to be too confident in Mans desires for Gods timing.

      • Mar 7 2006
        There is a danger in being taken by surprise and not having your armor in place - The rapture, when will it be, what is the rapture. Will the rapture save us from torment during the tribulation? Hopefully this page will answer some of these questions Biblically, by Gods word and Gods word alone, not influenced by my own hopes and desires but by what God says.

      • Mar 6 2006
        Eve fell in the Garden when Satan used His ability to put questions into her mind as to what exactly God meant by what He said. Once she questioned God's word she fell. In this same way Satan has put in our minds the questions of science,

      • Mar 5, 2006
        Love is the greatest gift of all.. Please allow this message to simmer in your mind, not as the Love we perhaps understand, but as the Love and Grace God has shown us. That above all gifts there is none greater than love

      • Mar 4 2006
        Eternal Punishment: Is that too severe and why an eternity? The question of eternity is not something that we think of in the proper perspective. We are man, not living in the spiritual world, but rather we are living in a physical world.

      • Mar 3 2006
        In order to understand creation you need to filter out what we know and not slant creation based on the science we know and understand. God is supernatural... This page is also repeated under articles titled, "Understanding Creation"

      • Mar 2-2006
        You Deserve to Die. Re-written from the original

    • The Light and the Darkness
      Image, the light and the darkness

  • The Stuff Nightmares Are Made of
    a short retrospective of events in our life that has made me think of stuff quite differently.

  • My Purpose
    There is a lot of deception in our world, young impressionable minds are being taught evolution as scientific fact, but they don't ask or answer the questions, nor can they show real evolution in progress. Many churches, and in fact popular teaching today is that we will be raptured before the tribulation, not only does our Bible not plainly say this, it plainly does say we will be taken up at the last trump, which is at the end of the tribulation.

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      Christian Posters including artwork and popular written posters, foot prints, the Names of Jesus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvadore Dali,

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      Christian Video's, quality message filled videos for the Christian Family

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      Hand selected books explaining the evidence of Creation over evolution.

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      Hand selected DVD videos explaining the evidence of Creation over evolution.

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      Hand selected VHS videos explaining the evidence of Creation over evolution.

  • Articles
    Every Great Society in the past has had major downfalls due to their scientific innovation. Are we any better off because of the science we know? It isn't the science we know that kills us, it is the science we don't know.

    • Creation Articles
      This is just a collection of articles I've written on creation and evolution. I don't believe there is any real evidence of evolution, despite all the efforts of those to say mutation is proof of evolution, it simply isn't. Mutations are still the same specie. There are also too many intricacies in life that simply defy the evolutionary process. My goal is not to tell you what to think, but to get you to really think and consider the problems with evolution and to turn back to Gods word as the only authority on the origin of all things.

      • The Atomic Anomaly
        God's omnipotence is revealed in the smallest of elemental components, the Atom displays an anomaly that stands in the face of science and physics.

      • The Creation Compromise
        I think there are too many well meaning cristian people and leaders alike that take a little too much liberty in molding creation to fit mans understanding of science. I think the Bible clearly gives us evidence that science is only science because God created it to begin with, so what was science before God created it?

      • My Creationary Position
        Think, this is a call to all who ask the evolution / creation question, to sit and think with a non biased mind. Try to forget what you learned in public schools and start from the beginning with me here...

      • How to use Creation evidence
        You are seeking evidence for creation to support Biblical truth, so where do you go with it? Where can you affectively use this knowledge?

      • Evolutionary Problems
        There are many questions evolutionsists don't have an answer to in order to make the theory of evolution a science. Here are some questions that people should take some serious time to consider, don't make quick superficial answers, but contemplate carefully the process and then determine how this can be.

      • Understanding Creation
        Once you learn that there is evidence that Dinosaurs lived in harmony with man only a few thousand years ago, this takes a lot of wind out of the sail of evolution. If they are wrong about this, then they are grasping at straws they have to believe in because modern science is all they see, there is no supernatural. However, if all these creatures lived in unison within the past 6000 years there there must be something else, something to be said for Creation and Intelligent design.

      • Creation Vs Evolution
        Evolutionists are convinced that science has proven evolution is fact and even relate things like species of Dogs as proof of evolution. Adaptation within a species is not evolution, you can breed a German Shepherd with a Poodle, but you cannot breed a dog with a cat. This would be the equivalent of evolution, but dogs still have pups and cats still have kittens. The Bible says each will reproduce after it's own kind, and the complex discovery of genetics and the replication process of DNA is scientific evidence that evolution does not occur.

    • Other Articles

      • Good Friday
        Jesus paid a painful price on the day he was captured right up to and through His payment for our sins on the Cross, but I think He suffered an even more painful infliction, one we don't see or hear much about.

      • Earthquakes in Prophecy
        Jesus mentioned earthquakes as a sign of the times. Many end time writers and others have determined this as meaning MORE earthquakes, but this is clearly NOT what Jesus said, however this does not mean there will or won't be more earthquakes.

      • Hallowed Be Thy Name
        Christians have a tough struggle today. How can a Christian go out and enjoy entertainment of the day and still remain Bible Based Christians? America is in need of more Christian Movies.

      • Testimony
        Everyone has skeletons in their closets, everyone has fallen short of Gods perfection, everyone needs jesus Christ in order to obtain salvation, however many people feel they cannot possibly be forgiven. My testimony is a life of sin, of questioning Gods word to the point of weakening God to not much more than man's technology, but the events of my life lead me to a point of utter dispair, through which God was able to work as only God knows how to do.

      • Modern Societies Physiological Downfall?
        A look at modern science and the things we've conjured up, but the dangers may lie in what we don't know.

  • Bible Studies
    Without God, why are we here? What do we have to look forward to? What is the purpose of life? It is for God to conceal a thing, and for a King to seek and understanding, and for all men to seek God. Searching out the hidden treasures in the the Word of God can give us clues to our purpose, discernment in life around us, and Salvation through Jesus Christ.

    • Genesis 3
      Genesis 3, the fall of man. One of the major hinges of our downfall every day through out our walk in life.

    • Genesis 1
      Genesis 1 Bible study covering the story of creation.

      • Intro to Genesis Bible Study
        We have been indoctrinated by Science, and in order to fully understand the power and life you can live in Christ, you must undoctrinate from what you've learned, and learn the true doctrine that comes from God. This process begins, "In the Beginning..."

      • Genesis 1:1
        "In the Beginning", of course Moses was not referring to the beginning of God or of Christ, but the beginning of time. Time of course is a concept based on the measure of movement,...

      • Genesis 1:2-3
        Without Form and Void are the Hebrew words Tohu and Bohu, which are used to define a wasteland, worthlessness, a wilderness, etc. In essence, there is no value to it's original form until God uses His creative powers upon it.

      • Genesis 1:4
        To an Athiest this verse seems absurd, because god created light before He created the sun, moon, or stars. This is a revelation of the true nature of God, he does not need a sun to create light, in fact the sun ONLY creates light because God commands it so.

      • Genesis 1:5
        Gen 1:5 5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

      • Genesis 1:6-8
        6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. 7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament

      • Genesis 1:9-10
        The gathering of the waters into one place, and the rising of rocks out of the waters is contrary to natural events when looked at in their elemental states. Rock is heavier than water, and should sink to the bottom, water should by all rights be covering the entire surface of the globe.

      • Genesis 1:11-13
        Here we go with the light again. Those skeptics to disbelieve the Bible because God created light before he created the sun and moon, who say this cannot be true. They are trapped in the confines of science as man understands it ....

      • Genesis 1:14-19
        Notice God has not changed the length of the days or night here, but for He has created a new order in which the light should be dispensed from actual physical bodies.

      • Genesis 1:20-23
        This is the creation of the birds and the fish from the waters of the earth.

      • Genesis 1:24-25
        Day 6: The creation of the Beasts of the fields.

      • Genesis 1:26-28
        The creation of man, different from all other creation, God takes special care in creating man.

      • Genesis 1:29-31
        Gods gift to man, and completion of creation and the 6th day.

    • Genesis 2
      Genesis chapter 2 begins with a recounting of the creation, then something that confuses many people happens, God creates things a little differently than He did in chapter 1. Is this a contradiction, many people think so, I say no, look what happens in Chapter 2

      • Genesis 2:1-3
        The seventh day, the day of rest. It is declared here Creation has been completed, God can rest from the work of creation, but He must continue to work.

      • Gen 2:4-7

      • Genesis 2:8-14
        God creates The Garden of Eden for Adam.

      • Genesis 2:18-20
        God re-creates each of the animals and presents them to Adam, in an attempt to find a helper for the man.

    • The Book of Revelations
      The book of revelations is a diverse book, with lots of revelations about lots of things. It is both the most intriguing and most misunderstood books of all time

      • The Prophecy of Revelations
        The prophecy of revelations reveals the climax of Gods creation. The fulfilment of time, and salvation to all who believe in His Son Jesus Christ

        • Why Study Biblical Prophecy and Is it Important ?
          Why Study Biblical Prophecy and Is it Important ? Prophecy should not be the focus of our Christian Journey, but Jesus cornered the people on knowing the signs of the seasons, but not the signs of the times.

        • The Origin and Outline of Revelation
          The origin and outline of Revelation are a documentation of the visions and calling of John the apostle of Jesus Christ.

        • The Timeline of the Prophecy of Revelation
          The timeline of the Prophecy of Revelation shows the beginning and end of the Biblical prophecies for our era.

        • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
          The Four horsemen of the apocalypse is something passed from person to person, and movie after movie. We hope to uncover the real identity of the four horsemen.

        • The First Seal is opened - Rev 6:1-2
          Revelations 6:1, the first seal is opened and a white horse is seen with a rider with a bow and a crown, sent out to conquer.

        • The Second Seal is Opened - Rev 6:3
          The Second Seal is Opened - Rev 6:3 and from it comes a red horse to take peace from the earth

        • The Third Seal Is Opened - Rev 6:5
          The third seal is opened, a black horse emerges with a message of economic doom. Hmmm, maybe he is the one controlling the Federal Reserve.

        • The Fourth Seal is opened - Rev 6:7
          The fourth seal is opened, and behold a pale horse, the horse of death is released.

        • Where the Four Horsemen Appear
          Where do the four horsemen appear? That is a trick question, the real answer is when DID the four horsemen appear.

        • The Fifth Seal is Opened
          The fifth seal is opened and it closes a chapter of human and Spiritual history here on earth, and I believe this is in our time, or very, very close.

        • Intermission
          intermission from ouir study of the prophecy of Revelation. A moment to recap why this chronology must be met.

        • The Sixth Seal is Opened
          When The Sixth Seal is Opened there is a global event that is so terrifying that men agree to come together as one world instead of several countries.

        • The Sixth Seal Aftermath
          John saw some things between the opening of the sixth seal and the seventh seal for example the marking of the 144,000 servants of God to preach the gospel during the tribulation.

        • The Seventh Seal is Opened
          The Seventh Seal is Opened, peace on earth at last? At least that is what the new world leader wants you to believe.

        • Woe, Woe, Woe, The Fifth and Sixth Trumps
          I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound

        • Woe Woe Woe, The Last Trump Sounds
          I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound

        • The Revelation Timeline
          The Revelation Timeline helps to give a visual aspect of time from the time of Christ to the end of the Tribulation. It helps to see just how beautiful Revelation fits together without accusing God of not being able to count.

      • The Revelation of Jesus Christ
        The Book of Revelation is ussually though of as Prophecy, but it is also the Revelation of Jesus the Christ.

    • Be a Berean
      Before studying the Great Deception and End Time Events, (Eschatology), There are a few important things you need to know, and I put forth a challenge to each and every reader out there to take seriously these studies and The Word of God. Many take their retirement plans seriously, I take this far more seriously than any retirement plan, this is my retirement plan.

    • Prophecy for a reason
      Just a brief statement on the importance of prophecy. This will probably be the shortest page of this entire study. :-)

    • Misconceptions

    • Revelations Intro
      Just a brief word before delving into the verses of Revelation.

    • Rev 4
      John is called to enter Heaven where he will be priviledged to view the course of human history from a spiritual perspective. He will then try to paint a picture of what he saw to a world not yet acquainted with the future, right up to our final salvation when we will be with the lord forever, and He will be our God, and we will be His people.

    • Revelation 5
      In Revelation 5 John see's Heaven in a perspective moments before the resurrection of completion Christ, to His worthiness as the Lamb of God. Further evidence that this is written in a sequential manner beginning with the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, the introduction and era of the Gentils, the time of Jacobs trouble, and the wrath of God.

    • Revelation 6 prophecy begins
      Now in Revelation 6, the beginning of prophecy begins, but at what point in time? I think many if not most have misinterpreted this chapter and warped it into the future. It is future events to John, but when was John here?

    • Revelation 7
      Chapter 7, the tribulation has begun, the marking of God's 144,000, the great multitude from the Great Tribulation. Antichrist makes war against the saints.

    • Revelation 8
      The reign of the Antichtist begins here. The keyword in the scripture to reveal the beginning of his reign is the term HOUR. Even though the tribulation has already begun, the antichrist has not been deemed the Worlds King until now.

    • Revelation 8b
      The hour of power has reached the half way point, and things begin to turn sour for the Antichrist.

  • The Rapture Study
    Study the interpretive challenges of the pretribulation rapture and what the Bible really says about the time of the rapture.

    • Pretrib Issues Addressed
      There is a danger in being taken by surprise and not having your armor in place - The rapture, when will it be, what is the rapture. Will the rapture save us from torment during the tribulation? Hopefully this page will answer some of these questions Biblically, by Gods word and Gods word alone, not influenced by my own hopes and desires but by what God says.

    • Pre/Post Tribulation Rapture
      Whether or not the Rapture comes before or after the Tribulation, in fact whether or not the rapture occurs at all, (although I believe it will), is not fundamental to our salvation. The Tribulation rapture should be a point of interesting debate, it should never become a point of agitation or a point of looking at Brothers and Sisters in Christ with a different feeling. However there can be a very real danger in misinterpreting this belief, especially for those who are Christians because they believe the rapture will save them.

    • Rapture Abbreviated
      This page is a shortened summary of my page entitled The Rapture. Just a quick glance at a few passages, the parable of the tares also tells a story of the coming of Christ that cooresponds with Revelation and an end time rapture scenario.

    • The Rapture
      There is a danger in being taken by surprise and not having your armor in place - The rapture, when will it be, what is the rapture. Will the rapture save us from torment during the tribulation? Hopefully this page will answer some of these questions Biblically, by Gods word and Gods word alone, not influenced by my own hopes and desires but by what God says.

    • Rapture and the Tares
      Jesus spoke about His return and the reaping of the Harvest. I believe Jesus spoke plainly and clearly about prophecy and did not hide things in cryptic languages. I also believe there is a valid reason why NOT to have a pretrib rapture. The parable of the tares spoke of this.

    • Rapture - Parable of 10 Virgins
      Jesus gives us lots of substantial warnings beyond the literal words of His return and what our role will be in the final days. I believe this parable of the ten Virgins also tells us a lot about where we should put our hearts and minds for the coming day.

  • Bible Challange
    Christians test your knowledge about the Bible by answering multiple choice questions about facts in the Bible.

  • Prayer Room
    Prayer Room, please take a few minutes out of your day to pray for others in need. In praying for others that we are healed.

  • News Room
    News headline feeds from selected Christian News organizations.

  • Links
    Links to other Christian sites.

  • Text Links
    Links to other Christian sites.

  • About Dano's Place
    A word about Dano, who is Dano? This page is is an outline of where I stand Biblically, and spiritually.

  • contact
    Contact me if you have any questions, comments, or if you feel absolutely compelled to donate to this effort. Dano's place is being viewed world wide, I intend to put up a map from my Google analytics program that shows a pin map of everywhere in the world people have viewed this site from.

  • April 18, 2006 First Miracle
    This is the first miracle of Jesus ministry. In a short paragraph, I explain the beauty of Jesus turning water into wine, and it's significance.


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