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Everyday I try to add a little something new to the front page.  Sometimes I may draw from the archives, sometimes I may draw an exerpt from an article or Bible study, but each day I will try to present something short, and something different.  This page is for archiving those daily excerpts in case you missed a day, or wanted to share something that may have been removed.

  • January 20, 2010
    This has sat on the front page long enough. It doesn't look like the bill Bush signed had enough support to be put into place, or else it is put into place but the time is not yet to enforce it.

  • Dec 25 today in prophecy
  • Dec 25
  • Aug 14, 2006
  • April 13, 2006
    I have seen the Dr. Kent Hovind series which is at the same time, entertaining, educational, and inspirational. Of course evolutionists will not like it. I do feel Dr. hovind has taken liberties to the extremes in some cases such as saying the sun looses so much mass every minute, that 250 million years ago the sun would have been big enough to vaporize the earth. Due to the enormity of space, that could be a debatable subject especially taken scientifically. however, I did find a physics professors website, (I'll try to find it again and post a link), where he calculated the size of the sun

  • March 22, 2006
    Are we any different today than the Jews were 2000 years ago? The leaders lead the people astray with false interpretations of the scriptural message, we should learn from their short comings to insure we do not fall into the same trap.

  • March 18, 2006
    The Time of the Gentiles is Over - The end times are here Luke 21:24

  • March 14, 2006
  • March 10, 2006
    The Matthew portion of this study is uploaded, with more to come. This has been a tough endeavor, and gathering the resources, verses, comments, etc is very time consuming, but I feel this is very important.

  • Mar 9 2006
    Study still in the making. My own personal back problems have intereferred with working on this, however when I cannot sit at the computer and work, I still research and study deeper. Sometimes I lay on my back with the keyboard on my lap and continue my efforts, however that is slower than normal. I have also had to reduce the promotion expenses of this website due to our own finances, not being able to work full time, our finances come from here and there. Promotional fee's for this website come after our important tithes.

  • Mar 8 2006
    The study is under way, it is taking a little longer than I'd hoped, but until then these little tidbits may help in understanding the purpose for doing this study and warning the Christians not to be too confident in Mans desires for Gods timing.

  • Mar 7 2006
    There is a danger in being taken by surprise and not having your armor in place - The rapture, when will it be, what is the rapture. Will the rapture save us from torment during the tribulation? Hopefully this page will answer some of these questions Biblically, by Gods word and Gods word alone, not influenced by my own hopes and desires but by what God says.

  • Mar 6 2006
    Eve fell in the Garden when Satan used His ability to put questions into her mind as to what exactly God meant by what He said. Once she questioned God's word she fell. In this same way Satan has put in our minds the questions of science,

  • Mar 5, 2006
    Love is the greatest gift of all.. Please allow this message to simmer in your mind, not as the Love we perhaps understand, but as the Love and Grace God has shown us. That above all gifts there is none greater than love

  • Mar 4 2006
    Eternal Punishment: Is that too severe and why an eternity? The question of eternity is not something that we think of in the proper perspective. We are man, not living in the spiritual world, but rather we are living in a physical world.

  • Mar 3 2006
    In order to understand creation you need to filter out what we know and not slant creation based on the science we know and understand. God is supernatural... This page is also repeated under articles titled, "Understanding Creation"

  • Mar 2-2006
    You Deserve to Die. Re-written from the original


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