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We'll help you, please help us.  Dano's place is a ministry which I have been called to, but until now, all promotion and all efforts have been out of pocket.  Being disabled, we cannot afford to continue spreading this valuable information.  You can help to support my ministry by shopping through this site, and we'll help you by finding you better prices on excellent products.  We have many books, DVD's and Video tapes which are linked through Amazon because we find you can get the same quality product, usually in new condition for a fraction of the retail price by shopping through Amazon's 3rd party dealers.  New to this site is an electronics section.  I have been an electronic buff since before computers were a household name, and even began programming in an OS9 pascal language with the first Tandy color computers.  I watch pricing, I have read thousands of consumer reviews on electronic components, and I know the general pric ranges of most components.  Then, I find some of the best deals around and offer them up through my website from reliable merchants, bringing you a quality shopping experience, and this helps to support my efforts to reach the world with important news of the Gospel.  Shop for yourself, a friend, or your church.  Lastly, I have done a review on several web hosting companies, to bring you an honest review of web hosting sites.  If you or your church are looking for a reliable host for your website, please review the information I have here, and by simply clicking through one of my links will send us support dollars.

  • Posters
    Christian Posters including artwork and popular written posters, foot prints, the Names of Jesus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvadore Dali,

  • Christian Videos
    Christian Video's, quality message filled videos for the Christian Family

  • Creation Books
    Hand selected books explaining the evidence of Creation over evolution.

  • Creation DVD Videos
    Hand selected DVD videos explaining the evidence of Creation over evolution.

  • Creation VHS Videos
    Hand selected VHS videos explaining the evidence of Creation over evolution.


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