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I placed Genesis 3 first for a reason.  The study in chapter 3 on the fall of man shows the danger of questioning Gods word.  Either you believe God or you don't.  John's message to the Laodicians, the 7th Church in Revelation 3, the people were luke warm and God will spew them from His mouth.  God is powerful and God is good, and He gave us His word, either you believe Him or you don't, and Genesis chapter 3 shows what happens when we give room to Satan with his clever arguments.

Two of my favorite books of the Bible are Genesis and Revelation. The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the creation and creations purpose fulfilled. I see a beauty and a poetry of life and all creation and in its ultimate purpose. For this reason, I have spent much time reading these books, along with other such favorites like Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, John, 1st John, Oh heck, the Bible itself is a beautiful thing. It is a love letter to all mankind. I morn for all the people who spend there life looking for love, by turning their back on and avoiding the creator and source of all the love in the universe.

by Dan Dunkin

  • Genesis 3
    Genesis 3, the fall of man. One of the major hinges of our downfall every day through out our walk in life.

  • Genesis 1
    Genesis 1 Bible study covering the story of creation.

  • Genesis 2
    Genesis chapter 2 begins with a recounting of the creation, then something that confuses many people happens, God creates things a little differently than He did in chapter 1. Is this a contradiction, many people think so, I say no, look what happens in Chapter 2

  • The Book of Revelations
    The book of revelations is a diverse book, with lots of revelations about lots of things. It is both the most intriguing and most misunderstood books of all time


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