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Christian Movies

Movies we have seen and recommend for Christian family viewing.





 Chronicles of Narnia: The CS Lewis classic, don'e with cutting edge effects.  Experience the battle of good vs evil, Christ vs the Devil from a different perspective.  Excellent movie and fun for the kids.


Gospel of John adapted for the screen on a word for word basis from the American Bible Society's Good News Bible.

Luther: a Documentary on the life of Martin Luther who led the religeous reform in Germany. Powerful movie of a man who was tormented with conviction until he discovered the truth.

Time Changer
: about a Seminary professor from the early 1900's passing through time into the future, and what he see's changes his perception on the need for the teaching of Jesus Christ.
Jesus of Nazareth: Star studded full production movie, some script may not be 100% accurate, but this compilation of His life crosses all the Gospels and then some. Several Old Testament verses are brought into place, and while Jesus is hanging on the Cross, Joseph of Aramethaia brings Isaiah 53 to life. We really felt this movie was worth watching.

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