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Lots of pages and lots of information in the articles below.  I hope you enjoy the reading and even more I hope these articles help you to understand the delima of evolution, and the power of God who created all things.

  • The Atomic Anomaly
    God's omnipotence is revealed in the smallest of elemental components, the Atom displays an anomaly that stands in the face of science and physics.

  • The Creation Compromise
    I think there are too many well meaning cristian people and leaders alike that take a little too much liberty in molding creation to fit mans understanding of science. I think the Bible clearly gives us evidence that science is only science because God created it to begin with, so what was science before God created it?

  • My Creationary Position
    Think, this is a call to all who ask the evolution / creation question, to sit and think with a non biased mind. Try to forget what you learned in public schools and start from the beginning with me here...

  • How to use Creation evidence
    You are seeking evidence for creation to support Biblical truth, so where do you go with it? Where can you affectively use this knowledge?

  • Evolutionary Problems
    There are many questions evolutionsists don't have an answer to in order to make the theory of evolution a science. Here are some questions that people should take some serious time to consider, don't make quick superficial answers, but contemplate carefully the process and then determine how this can be.

  • Understanding Creation
    Once you learn that there is evidence that Dinosaurs lived in harmony with man only a few thousand years ago, this takes a lot of wind out of the sail of evolution. If they are wrong about this, then they are grasping at straws they have to believe in because modern science is all they see, there is no supernatural. However, if all these creatures lived in unison within the past 6000 years there there must be something else, something to be said for Creation and Intelligent design.

  • Creation Vs Evolution
    Evolutionists are convinced that science has proven evolution is fact and even relate things like species of Dogs as proof of evolution. Adaptation within a species is not evolution, you can breed a German Shepherd with a Poodle, but you cannot breed a dog with a cat. This would be the equivalent of evolution, but dogs still have pups and cats still have kittens. The Bible says each will reproduce after it's own kind, and the complex discovery of genetics and the replication process of DNA is scientific evidence that evolution does not occur.


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